Our mission is to help society achieve Net Zero Carbon Neutrality
Developing and deploying state-of-the-art technologies which modernise and digitise low voltage electricity grids
Grid Intelligence
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VT Electron’s state-of-the-art grid intelligence Hardware and Software solutions help operators to deliver a modern and robust electrical grid, capable of achieving carbon neutrality. 

Grid Intelligence

Visualise your LV Grid

Scavenger™ provides real time continuous understanding, visibility and analysis of the low voltage network to support a modern grid capable of achieving Net Zero. Designed for scalable installation on both indoor and outdoor assets, Scavenger™ continuously records Power Quality (IEC61000-4-30 Class S) on up to 7 circuits (28 current inputs), Harmonics to the 40th Harmonic and real time waveform analysis.

Protect your LV assets

Our Asset Health and Ageing modules deliver a new era of LV asset management: reducing operating expenses and improving asset resilience and life-cycles. We do this though data driven asset management toolkits which continuously monitor and diagnose transformers. These tools have been co-developed with one of Europe’s largest transformer asset manufacturers.

Unlock Capacity

Electrical Grids need to unlock additional capacity from existing assets to support unprecedented demand for electricity. Our advanced IoT based power quality, thermal loading, dissolved gas analysis and manufacturer supported capacity models provide a ground breaking toolkit for Electrical grids to unlock additional capacity from existing assets. 

Anticipate and avoid faults

The ability to record the real-time waveform at 6, 32 and 64 kHz enables our state-of-the-are ‘pre-fault’ sensing, which detects and anticipates faults well in advance. This allows operators take corrective action and avoid faults and downtime. This coupled with thermal monitoring and low cost solid state hydrogen sensing, makes for a very impactful and reliable fault warning and asset management system, ensuring a more reliable and resilient grid. 

Visualise your grid

Protect your assets

Unlock capacity

Predict demand

VT Electron Logo White Version

The VT Electron Promises

The most advanced Grid Monitoring solutions

We pride ourselves on providing the state-of-the-art technology so that our customers and partners are always at the forefront of grid monitoring technology and insights to support their Net Zero goals.

For Grid Operators by Grid Operators

Our solutions are designed and built alongside our customers, in direct response to their needs. Our experienced team of product designers, software developers and engineers includes former transmission and distribution grid operators. Solving our customers problems is at the centre of everything we do.

Experienced deploying IoT at scale

We have over 10 years’ experience of deploying large scale IoT, having previously deploying 50,000+ IoT sensors across our networks. We know the importance of well-formed design and installation considerations for large scale deployments. Our solutions are the most compact and easy to install on the market. We have monitoring solutions for both ground mount (indoor) and pole mounted (outdoor) grid assets.

Your Net Zero Partner

Whether its our Electric Vehicle Capacity Planning module, or  Pre-Fault Sensing , we continue to perpetually innovate in collaboration with our customers. This ensures we will continue to be the electrical grid industry’s long term technology partner throughout the Net Zero journey to 2050.

Why VT Electron?

We are a passionate and innovative team, dedicated to supporting climate action by providing disruptive and innovative technologies which transform low voltage grids into dynamic, resilient and flexible systems which can support Net Zero.

From various and diverse backgrounds including grid transmission, distribution and planning our mindset at VT Electron is ‘Perpetual Innovation’, always leading the charge and operating at the forefront of Monitoring technology.


Our Mission