VT Electron has years of experience in remote data capture and analysis across numerous sectors, with tens of thousands of sensors being actively monitored across different jurisdictions.

About VT Electron

VT Electron has 10+years of experience in remote data capture and advanced asset monitoring across numerous sectors in Ireland, the EU and USA. With over 50,000+ IoT devices deployed across our networks to date, we have unique expertise in the design, development and deployment of state-of-the-art monitoring and sensing solutions at scale.

Our dedication to technology that supports climate action means we are a hand-in-glove partner for our grid customers. We always ensure our family of solutions provide the most compelling and cohesive set of tools to support the drive to Net Zero carbon neutrality.

Our mindset at VT Electron is ‘Perpetual Innovation’, always leading the charge and operating at the forefront of Monitoring technology. 

Visualise your grid

Protect your assets

Unlock capacity

Predict demand

Mission & Vision

Mission: Our mission is to help society achieve Net Zero Carbon Neutrality by developing and deploying state-of-the-art technologies which modernise and digitise electricity grids.

Vision: The LV network is on the front line of the ever changing energy system. Decarbonisation means that LV networks around the world will see an unprecedented increase in capacity. Electricity grid systems worldwide will need massive modernisation and reinforcement. This coupled with the rise of end consumers actively generating power and selling this back into the grid, through micro-generation and demand-response, means that power flows will become more dynamic. This leads to a whole new set of complications and stresses for the grid and its operators. 

VT’s LV Grid monitoring provides the decision data and grid awareness to support the investment and management of a modern, dynamic and resilient grid, capable of delivering the Net Zero Climate action plan.

The Team

We are a passionate and innovative team, dedicated to supporting climate action. We do this by providing disruptive and innovative technologies which transform low voltage grids into dynamic, resilient and flexible systems which can support Net Zero.
We are a diverse team, from various backgrounds including telecoms, IoT, grid transmission, distribution and planning. Our mindset at VT Electron is ‘Perpetual Innovation’, always leading the charge and operating at the forefront of Monitoring technology.  


VT is located at DCU Alpha, Ireland’s hub for IoT and Sensing innovation. We are co-located with world leading technology companies such as Taoglas, Siemens Energy and Novaerus. VT Electron benefits from a community which is built upon an atmosphere of innovation and co-operation in the development of climate tech solutions. VT labs, VT’s R&D arm, benefits greatly from access to the most advanced IoT, computer vision and machine learning developments. This ensures we can achieve rapid development and testing for new technologies and products required by our partners and customers.


VT Electron is constantly on the look-out for motivated and talented people to join our team. If you think that your
ambitions match ours and that you would fit in a dynamic and passionate organisation, please send us an email to:

VT Labs

At VT Labs, VT’s R&D arm, we continue to develop, test and trial leading edge technologies designed to enhance the monitoring and reporting of power grid infrastructure assets for our customers and partners. Our location in DCU Alpha means we have access to a breadth of technologies, a significant knowledge base and an unrivalled pool of talent. The most recent ‘real world’ output from VT Labs is VT Scavenger™, our industry leading Next Gen Monitoring Device which provides 32Khz waveform recording for pre-fault sensing and diagnostics.

VT Logistics

VT Logistics provides advanced IoT solutions to the logistics sector to support a more efficient and dynamic supply chain to help overcome global supply chain challenges. Whether tracking, visualizing, managing, or automating your supply chain assets, VT has the technology and cloud solution to help. Our solutions enable the transformation of supply chain operations. Our customers can gain much needed efficiencies and/or create new revenue opportunities using our innovative technology. This proven solution is already in use by enterprise supply chains and Postal service providers. We are helping our customers digitalize their assets to solve major operational challenges, and pioneering a cutting edge commercial solution for real time item/package tracking.