Grid Intelligence
VT Electrons innovative hardware and software solutions achieve state-of-the-art grid intelligence to strengthen and modernise low voltage networks.

Grid Visibility and Awareness

VT’s Scavenger™ LV grid monitor is the most intelligent and versatile LV grid monitor available on the market today. Designed by grid operators for grid operators, it can be installed quickly and safely on both indoor (ground mounted) and outdoor (pole mounted) assets without the need for downtime or outages.

Combining class S Power quality monitoring with the capability of 32Khz waveform recording, it ensures the best-in-class visibility on all types of LV grid networks. With the ability to monitor up to 7 circuits/ways and 28 individual lines, Scavenger™ provides all the data required to manage and monitor a modern digital grid. Through advanced software tools and insights such as grid-code-adherence reporting and harmonics analytics, The Electron Cloud™ provides an innovative grid analytics tool which supports the operation of a grid. Our solution is designed to help Utility customers handle the massive growth in low carbon technologies and electricity demand.

Net Zero Capacity Optimisation and Planning

The Electron Cloud™ provides vital tools for grid planners to optimise the existing grid to meet rising levels of electricity demand, and plan ahead for capacity requirements driven by the march to carbon neutrality in 2050.

Our tools help model the growth of Heat Pump and Electric Vehicles on the electricity system, analysing the impact on individual transformer congestion, and across the entire fleet. Grid planners can understand and visualise precisely when and where they need to investment in reinforcement and provide additional capacity.

Utilising advanced thermal loading and VT Electron’s ground breaking low cost remote dissolved gas analysis (DGA), Scavenger™ provides grid planners with manufacturer approved models which re-rate individual transformer assets, thereby unlocking additional capacity without deploying additional capital.

Asset Health

The march towards Net Zero means society will become even more reliant on the electricity grid. The electrification of transport and heat will see an unprecedented increase in demand for electricity operators across the globe. The underlying assets that support this demand will become even more critical than they are now. 

Distribution Service Operators (DSO’s) will need a renewed focus on asset health to reduce replacement costs by getting more out of existing assets, and avoid costly downtime. 

VT Electron’s expertise in asset monitoring, and collaboration with industry asset manufacturers, gives us a unique insight into asset behaviours. As LV transformers are now the front line in the march towards Net Zero, we have developed unique tools which enhance the efficiency and utilisation of grid assets.

VT Electron Cloud™ provides state-of-the-art asset health analytics which enable our customers to get more life out of existing assets by: 

•Ensuring assets are replaced only when they should be:
By understanding the true lifecycle condition and age profile of the assets through VT’s manufacturer approved aging models, asset managers can rely on asset condition-based data to inform their asset replacement programmes.

•Targeted  asset maintenance:
Through the VT Electron Cloud™ asset health tools such as DGA and pre-fault sensing, Asset managers can now target maintenance and proactive measures for assets that need attention. This can replace routine asset maintenance and reduce costs.

•Avoiding faults and interruptions:
VT’s pre fault sensing module utilises 32khz waveform recording. This combined with our ground-breaking remote DGA sensing, provides a compelling solution for the detection of anomalies’ and faults well in advance occurrence. This allows asset managers to prevent  interruptions and ensure a reliable and stable supply to customers

VT Electron Cloud™

The VT Electron Cloud™ is an ISO270001 Cloud platform designed around the needs of Distribution Service Operators (DSO’s) to achieve a modern and digital grid capable of supporting Net Zero goals. It is highly customised to the precise needs of our individual customers and partners.

Available in both cloud and on-premise, and deployable across alternate cloud service provides such as Azure, AWS and Google Cloud, it’s mission is to become the adopted software tool for grid operators to manage and support their grid modernisation. 

Our in house team of developers and engineers are passionate about perpetual innovation, and operate at the forefront of grid monitoring technology. This ensures we continue to develop state-of-the-art innovations across system visibility and asset management for our customers and partners.