IoT Pole Tilt Monitoring
No more expensive gateways or costly installations!

The VT Electron high precision Tilt Sensor includes the latest in low power, low cost IoT technology. It can be installed on any pole to better manage critical Utility infrastructure. It delivers data on pole tilt and movement, in addition to impact and vibration levels. In a hugely innovative step, to enable mass deployment, it does not require any additional gateways, routers or hardware. It vastly reduces the costs of deploying Pole sensors across a Utility fleet.

When deployed, our Tilt Sensor gives grid operators a full view of Utility pole fleets. This enables the Utility to remotely identify structural pole damage, and help to more efficiently plan maintenance and avoid costly outages.

Our Tilt Sensor can detect the angle from a 0-degree vertical orientation with a precision of 0.1 degrees. Additionally, changes to the tilt angle relative to the starting position can be reported. 

The VT Electron high precision Tilt Sensor is integrated with the VT Electron Cloud™ platform. As a result, alerts can be set for each deviation which will be delivered to the user via email or visualized in the platform dashboard. The dashboard features time series data, geographic visualization, asset condition overviews and data exports. In short, you will be in total control of your assets.

  • Easy to install
  • Built-in radio that talks directly with the LoRaWAN or Sigfox wireless network
  • Enclosure tamper detection
  • 200,000+ transmissions on a single battery and a 5-10 year battery life depending on usage
  • User replaceable battery
  • Integrated internal antenna
  • Over the air sensor configuration in the field
  • Automatic low battery reporting and supervisory (sensor health) reporting