Scavenger Pole Mounted LV Monitor
The new standard in LV Grid Monitoring

Best In class Pole Mount Monitor for modernisation of low voltage grids

The Scavenger™ Pole Mount provides highly granular power quality monitoring on all types of outdoor distribution transformers and conductors.

Designed with field engineers in mind, the Scavenger™ Pole Mount can be easily retro-fitted to any outdoor grid asset or embedded within new transformer builds for monitoring on up to 2 secondary feeders.

Waterproof and durable, Scavenger™ Pole Mount unit is compact and can be installed by hand in minutes using Scavenger’s installation app for iPhone & Android.

Visualise the front line of the grid with Scavenger’s Class S PQ monitoring capabilities:

  • Voltage visibility in real time – Identify fluctuations and reverse power conditions immediately
  • Capacity planning: profiling and modelling across your fleet using the VT Electron Cloud™ platform
  • Transformer diagnostics and health rating supporting asset re-rating and uprating decision data
  • Improved asset life-cycle management and reduced maintenance
  • Decision based data for reinforcement/ deferral ROI
  • Understand where congestion is and avoid overloading – ensuring a reliable and secure supply
  • Model the impact of low carbon technologies on the grid asset and plan reinforcement years in advance
  • Detect faults immediately with our events reporting module – faster response times and less downtime
  • Get more out of existing assets through VT Electron’s load re-rating
  • Avoid faults – VT’s 32khz waveform sensing and pre-fault machine learning models predict faults in advance
  • Manage micro-generation and DERMS better with visibility over the last mile of the grid
  • Monitor the Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) and better protect vital grid assets
  • For the most critical assets add temperature monitoring and remote dissolved gas analysis for additional asset health insights.
Scavenger Pole Mounted
Granular Power Data

Granular Power Data

Designed with Field Engineer in Mind

Designed with Field Engineer in Mind

Waterproof & Durable

Waterproof & Durable

The frontier of LV Monitoring

With no gateways or repeaters the Scavenger™ Pole Mount is a self contained unit which utilises public or private LTE to deliver real time girds monitoring at scale and on budget. We utilise advanced IoT and meteorology processors to deliver unrivalled real-time visibility on transformer performance, capacity and faults.

Large scale roll out is supported by VT’s installation app (iPhone & Android) which records feeder names, GPS location and asset details to provide project managers with all the data required to manage the roll out of Scavenger™ at scale.