VT Electron & the Net Zero Grid

In this video our Chief Operating Officer, Will Ferguson, talks about how VT’s unique market position and technology helps Electricity Utilities across the world modernise and digitalise electricity grids, as they work towards net zero carbon emissions.

At VT, we see the Low Voltage Grid as the front line of the ever-changing energy system. Decarbonisation, which will be achieved by the electrification of heat and transportation, through the implementation of heat pumps and electric vehicles, means that LV networks around the world will need a huge increase in capacity. Electricity grid systems worldwide will need massive modernisation and reinforcement to achieve this.

Add to this the rise in end consumers generating power through solar installations; it means power flows are becoming more dynamic. This leads to a whole new set of complications for the grid operators who need to balance the grid properly.

VT Electron’s grid monitoring technology gives electricity utilities the data and analytics to make critical decisions in three areas.

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VT Electron & the Net Zero Grid

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